Each company can have an unlimited number of users. Each user has an user role assigned. Please see the list below for an explanation of the different user role types.


The subscriber has access to every feature in the app. Billing reminders are sent to this user's email address. There is only one subscriber per company. By default, it's the person who set up the app account.


The administrator can manage a company and has access to all company features with the exception of the subscription management (e.g. cancellation or change of subscription plan). The administrator can add other users to the company.


A standard user can review, approve and export documents into connected accounting systems. The standard user has full access to the document management features, but no access to the user management features.

Data Entry

A data entry user can enter data and submit the data for review, but cannot approve or export documents into connected accounting systems.

Read Only

A read only user can view data, but has no permission to edit data. This could for example be an auditor who can look up documents for auditing purposes, but is not allowed to make any changes in the system.