This video shows you how to fine-tune data extraction rules. It goes through the different rule types and shows examples of how to use these rule types.

Below is a list of rule types and an explanation of how each rule type works.


This rule type is the default rule type. The app will make an educated guess what the field value will be. If the "Autodetect" algorithm detects the field value correctly, you can simply leave the rule type as "Autodetect". Rule types should only be changed if the "Autodetect" algorithm is not able to extract the field value correctly.

Applicable to: Date, Doc. No., Total

Fixed Location

The "Fixed Location" rule type lets you select the position of a field on the invoice document. In addition, the "Fixed Location" rule lets you select if the value is on the "First Page" or "Last Page" of a multi-page document. For example, the invoice date is often found on the first page, whereas the invoice total is often found on the last page.

The "Fixed Location" rule type only works if the field is in exactly the same position on every invoice. The "Fixed Location" rule does not work well for smartphone pictures and fields that can change position. For example, in some invoices the invoice total moves up and down depending on how many line items the invoice has. In that case, you need to select a different rule type.

Applicable to: Date, Doc. No., Total

Fixed Value

The "Fixed Value" rule type will always set the field to a constant value. If for example, your internet bill is the same amount every month, you can simply use the "Fixed Value" rule to set the amount. 

Applicable to: Doc. No., Total

Highest Price and Last Price

The "Highest Price" and "Last Price" rules go through the invoice text and extract all values that are formatted like a price e.g "123.00". The screenshot below shows an example of the values the app considers to be a price. The "Highest Price" algorithm will sort these prices and select the highest price. The "Last Price" algorithm will choose the price that is located closest to the bottom of the invoice.

Applicable to: Total

Received Date

The "Received Date" rule type will set the invoice date to the date the document was uploaded into the app.

Applicable to: Date


This rule type will disable rule processing for a field. You can use the rule type "None" for example if the invoice does not have an invoice number and you want to disable the processing of the invoice number field.

Applicable to: Date, Doc. No., Total

What's next? 
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