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Feature Not Supported Error: We're sorry. This feature is not included in your QuickBooks Online Simple Start subscription. (code 5030)


QuickBooks Online Simple Start supports the following document types:
- Expense

QuickBooks Online Essentials and higher support the following document types:
- Bill
- Expense
- Vendor Credit

The difference between a Bill and an Expense in QuickBooks Online is that a Bill lets you enter a "Due Date" in the future. You can then use the due date to e.g. sort outstanding bills by due date in QuickBooks Online to pay the most urgent bills first. An Expense is a paid bill (also sometimes called a receipt) where the paid date equals the invoice date. E.g. if you go to the supermarket and pay for your goods immediately the supermarket issues you with a receipt (which is a purchase invoice/bill that is paid immediately).


You need to choose the document type "Expense" if you want to export a transaction to QuickBooks Online Simple Start.

"Manage Billls" is a feature that is only available in QuickBooks Online Essentials or higher. This is not a limitation imposed by the bill app.

You can either export a transaction as an "Expense" or upgrade to the QuickBooks Online Essentials to get access to the "Manage Bills" feature. Upgrading your QuickBooks Online subscription will allow you to export a transaction as a "Bill" from the app to QuickBooks Online.