The app allows you to create rules to fine tune the data extraction process.

If you have not created a rule before, please have a look at the getting started video linked below:

Getting started with rules

In addition to the standard rules, custom rules can be created that capture arbitrary information from an invoice.

As an example, the following steps show how to capture an arbitrary text from an invoice and assign it to the description field.

1. Add a new field

In the rules section, press the "Add Field" button and then select "Description" as a field type from the drown-down box. This will create a new rule for the description field.

2. Select the rule type "Fixed Location"

Select the rule type "Fixed Location" and then press the "Select" button to choose an area on the invoice document.

3. Highlight the text

Select the text on the invoice that you would like to assign to the description field. It is possible to create multiple rules for the same field. The text from multiple rules for the same field will be combined. Please note that the fixed location rule only works for invoices where the location of the text does not change (e.g. electronic pdf invoices). This fixed location rule does not work with smart phone pictures of invoices  the location of a field on the image is not always the same.

What's next? 
Find out how you cafine-tune your rules