Each plan includes a limited number of processed documents each month. When testing new rules or fine tuning existing rules it is sometimes necessary to process a document multiple times to verify rule settings.

Please note that each file uploaded into the app counts towards the processing quota. That means if for example the same invoice is uploaded into the app twice it counts 2 times towards the processing quota.

To avoid using multiple credits for the same invoice the document needs to be "resubmitted for processing" instead of being uploaded a second time.

Resubmit for processing

Please follow the steps below to resubmit a file for processing. This will send the file to the processing server again and any changes to rules will be applied. This process is very fast and usually only takes seconds. If the file is resubmitted via "Resubmit for processing" (as opposed to being uploaded a second time) it will not count towards the monthly processing quota.

1.) Tick the checkbox of the file you would like to resubmit

2.) Select "Resubmit for processing" from the context menu (three dots)