The Windows version of Scan2Invoice communicates with your scanner via the so-called "TWAIN" standard. Scan2Invoice for Windows requires the TWAIN driver for your scanner to be installed.


If the TWAIN driver is not installed, the follow problems can occur in Scan2Invoice:

- Your scanner is not listed in the list of available scanners when you press the "Select Scanner" button

- Not all pages are scanned into Scan2Invoice when using an Automated Document Feeder (ADF) / Multi page scanning is not working.

- You receive a warning message saying "WIA Driver Detected"

To resolve these issues you need to check if your scanner supports the TWAIN standard and download and install the latest TWAIN driver from the scanner manufacturers website.

Also, please make sure you are using the TWAIN driver and not the WIA driver.

As an example, there are 2 scanner drivers installed for the same scanner in the picture below. You can identify the WIA driver as it usually has WIA in it’s name: 

- Dell 133 

- WIA-Dell 133


If you are having scanning problems (e.g. scanning multiple pages is not working), try not to use the WIA driver provided by Microsoft. Instead, please download and install the latest TWAIN driver from the manufacturers website. This will often resolve the problem.


You can check if the TWAIN driver works by using an open source scanning software:

That way you can confirm if the scanner is working independently of Scan2Invoice.

Warning: WIA Driver Detected

I receive a warning message saying "WIA Driver Detected". What should I do?

In general, it is recommended to download and install the TWAIN scanner driver from the manufacturer's website instead of using the WIA driver provided by Microsoft.

If you are experiencing scanning issues, please contact your IT administrator for assistance.

If you are using a WIA driver and you are not experiencing any scanning issues, you can select the "Don't show this message again" checkbox and press the "Continue" button to prevent this warning message from showing up again in the future.