Standard users can review and send documents directly to the connected accounting software. This is very convenient for e.g. small business owners who want to review and export their own bills and receipts.

The app also offers an alternative 2-step workflow that allows data entry users to view the uploaded document and fix recognition errors. Once the data entry user is satisfied that the data is correct, the user can submit the document for review by a higher privileged user. The document will then be moved to the "Pending Review" folder. Data entry users cannot export documents directly to the connected accounting software. Please see the following link for a description of the different user roles types:

User Role Types

A user with the "Standard" or "Admin" user role can submit a document for review by clicking on the drop down button in the review screen and selecting "Submit for Review". Users with the role "Data Entry" will not see the "Send" button and they will only have a "Submit for Review" button available instead.

After the document moves to the "Pending Review" folder, a user with "Standard" or "Admin" rights will be able to review the document submitted by the data entry user. Once reviewed the user can then export the document to the connected accounting software by pressing the "Send" button.